Memory Foam Gel-Infused Mattress



Better sleep leads to better performance!

Back Performance® keeps it cool with “Cool Sleep Technology” featured in the Back Performance® Gel mattress collection—the same supportive gel found in performance athletic products is now available in your Back Performance® Gel mattress.
The introduction of Gel to Memory foam increases support for the body while maintaining the utmost level of comfort and a cool sleeping temperature. Add layers of premium memory foam for the ultimate pressure relief and orthopedic support, head to toe. Memory foam also provides the greatest level of motion separation and conformability.
ThermoGel Finished Engineered covers complete the story, with the ThermoGel consuming the heat and giving the bed surface a fresh and cooling effect.
Each Back Performance model is Doctor Certified by Dr. James Maas, renowned Sleep Doctor and Expert.

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MX Gel

Made in Virginia, USA